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Global E-Commerce One-Stop Services

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One-Stop Services are provided not only in Japan, but also for corporate clients who want to expand E-Commerce business in Europe, USA, China, South Korea and ASEAN, where support is offered to expand the sales and streamline the operations of client companies

Service Flow 01. E-Commerce Business Strategy and Business Planning 02. E-Commerce Website Construction 03. Fulfillment Formulation 04. Customer Care (Inquiry Contact Point) 05. Internet Promotion (Acquisition) 06. Order Acceptance, Payment Processing and Inquiry Response 07. Fulfillment (Receipt of Goods, Picking, Packing and Shipping) International Shipping / Warehouse Management 08. Return Processing / Inquiries After Purchase 09. Internet Promotion (Retention)

01. E-Commerce Business Strategy and Business Planning

  • Market and competitive research for business plan formulation
  • Designs a business scheme for brand strategy, promotion strategy and E-Commerce business operations

02. E-Commerce Website Construction

  • Based on the brand strategy of the client company, constructs an E-Commerce merchandise purchase point through E-Commerce Website design and E-Commerce front system development

03. Fulfillment Formulation

  • Based on the business plan and operational design of the client company, constructs a logistics center, order management system and warehouse management system to receive and store merchandise from the corporate client

04. Customer Care (Inquiry Contact Point)

  • Constructs an operation system for multi-channel support of inventory confirmation, return inquiries and complaints from consumers, etc.
  • Constructs a CRM system to support operations

05. Internet Promotion (Acquisition)

  • Based on the brand strategy of the client company, creates a promotion plan and carry out promotions aimed at the acquisition of new customers based on the plan

06. Order Acceptance, Payment Processing and Inquiry Response

  • Implements order acceptance and payment processing based on order information from consumers
  • Responds to inquiries from consumers at the time of the order

07. Fulfillment (Receipt of Goods, Picking, Packing and Shipping) International Shipping / Warehouse Management

  • Implements the receipt of goods, distributive processing, packing and shipping based on the shipping information
  • Manages warehouse tasks with the system to ensure accuracy and improve operational efficiency

08. Return Processing / Inquiries After Purchase

  • Handles return inquiries and complaints from consumers
  • Processes returned goods

09. Internet Promotion (Retention)

  • Performs integrated management of operations extending from the front E-Commerce system to the warehouse management system, and accumulate customer information, merchandise information, shipping information and inventory information
  • Analyzes a variety of information to formulate and implement measures for retention from outbound through calls and the Internet, etc.

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E-Commerce One-Stop Center

E-Commerce One-Stop Center
- All E-Commerce Related Operational Functions Centered at One Facility -

E-Commerce One-Stop Center

Operational Excellence

Aggregation of all E-Commerce related operational functions into One-Stop Center enables seamless communication across our operations to improve “Operational Excellence” We can better help our clients aiming to grow business and expand sales revenues in this dynamically changing market with “Real-Time Marketing” execution - more efficient sales & marketing and speedy operational improvements reflecting consumers’ view-points - , thus maximizing opportunity for our clients’ to provide the best “Customer Experience”

Real-Time Marketing

Marketing planning based on real-time analysis of data gathered at E-Commerce One-Stop Center, such as - order information, Web access logs, CRM data and inventory information; and real-time adjustments through shorter PDCA cycles of execution and optimization across multiple communication channels and customer touch points; will maximize the marketing effectiveness.

Customer Experience

By analyzing customer voices and behaviors through CRM data, Web access logs, social media comments, etc. and improving quality of all consumer touch points in real-time by seamless operational collaborations within One-Stop Center, we can provide the best “Customer Experience” on behalf of our clients

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E-Commerce Fulfillment Center

The total operation area of PFSweb,Inc. in the USA including warehouses and distribution centers is about 4.1 times the size of the Tokyo Dome! It supports efficient warehouse business operations by seamlessly linking the order management and warehouse management systems, thereby enabling comprehensive “total optimization” of information, including merchandise inventory and inbound / outbound shipping information within the warehouse, E-Commerce Website access and campaign response.

E-Commerce Fulfillment Center
- From Merchandise Receipt to Picking, Shipping, Returns and Gif Wrapping -

E-Commerce Fulfillment Center

Order management system /warehouse management system links to the E-Commerce platform

  • Warehouse management and order management systems are integrated to enable efficient operations
  • In addition to the standard system, customization to meet client company’s requests are also possible

Fulfillment business operations based on the brand strategy of client companies

  • Ensures high quality operation of warehouse business processes, including receiving, sorting, storing, picking, packing and shipping based on operation results with leading brands
  • Responds flexibly to client company’s brand requirements with value-added services for distribution processing (gift wrapping, enclosing message cards, etc.)

Thorough warehouse security

  • High-valued merchandise can be stored inside a locked security fence within the warehouse center

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Service area

Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Romania, Hungary, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Global E-Commerce one-stop service area

2. Strong partnerships

  • It is possible to develop E-Commerce business in line with the culture and characteristics of target markets through strong partnerships in the United States, China and Korea.
  • We provide support to corporate clients’ advancement to ASEAN market by partnering with leaders of various fields from fashion, cosmetics, eBooks in the ASEAN market.


The largest E-Book Store within ASEAN, more than 5.5 Million members


Cosmetics E-Commerce Over 8 ASEAN Countries


Leading fashion E-Commerce business in Indonesia

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Services for Japan markets

  • With the transition to a free-of-charge and liberalized E-Commerce marketplace, a CRM strategy based on our own E-Commerce site is the most important issue
  • In an E-Commerce market moving to open data, maximize acquisition and retention optimized by multiple channels

Services for Japan markets 01. Data Integration from multiple channels 02. Data analytics in real-time 03. Design and implementation of a unified marketing plan 04. Improved customer experience with a consumer-based marketing approach

01. Data Integration from multiple channels

In order to analyze the relationship between products and customers and to understand the rapidly changing consumer environment, accumulate useful mass data from multiple channels through an integrative system and to maximize the scope of application

02. Data analytics in real-time

Maximize marketing effectiveness by linking data, including customer, purchase, inventory information and Web browsing history, to perform data analytics for marketing plan preparation in real-time with shortened lead times

03. Design and implementation of a unified marketing plan

Formulate marketing measures that are personalized for each target which run continuously with speedy operation and implementation at one center, rather than the marketing measures that have been implemented separately up until now

04. Improved customer experience with a consumer-based marketing approach

Improve customer experience based on a consumer-focused marketing strategy, which realizes an approach over a wide range of consumer touch points and fosters awareness of new value with an appeal for hospitality as well

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Integrated E-Commerce Platform transcosmos eCommerce HUB

transcosmos eCommerce HUB is an integrated E-Commerce Platform that is filled with over 48 years of IT outsourcing operational excellence.
Links in real-time by integrating all systems required for E-Commerce business.
Moreover, by closely integrating logistics, payment, advertising and all other essential services, we can respond flexibly to our clients' diverse needs.

transcosmos eCommerce HUB service Store Front System Marketing Automation System Digital Apply System Warehouse Management System Order Management System Process Management System Call Tracking System

Store Front System

Usability and Features Optimized for E-Commerce Come Standard

Developed a specialized E-Commerce component equipped with rich features by utilizing the know-how achieved from abundant experience of constructing over 1,200 websites total.
In addition, marketing communication based on data can be achieved by integrating marketing automation engine.

Key Features

Product Search / Product Presentation / Orders / My Page / Content Display / Basic Information Setting / Product Management / Member Management / Email Subscription Management / Content Management / Inquiry Management / User Management / Periodical Purchases / Reserved Purchases / Payment System Integration

Marketing Automation System

Optimization of client development process by utilizing data and systems

In addition to the variety of analysis functions and campaign management function, mail delivery function and access log collection function have been installed. Through collaboration with the store-front system, client data can easily be accessed as well. transcosmos supports “speed” and “implementation” of retention marketing in PDCA cycle.

Key Features

Customer Analysis / Product Analysis / Campaign Effect Verification / Report Viewing and Output / Scenario Setting / Schedule Management and Automation / Campaign Control / E-mail Template Preparation and Management / E-mail Delivery and Measuring the Results / Delivery List Consolidation / Log Collection, Output and Data Storage

Digital Apply System

Reduces the lead time required for order processing to product shipment by effectively using tablets

When placing an order at a store, the applicant could enter his/her data by hand directly onto a tablet device, which the information will then be seamlessly integrated into the system, resulting in an efficient data processing. The process from the order to product delivery is made more efficient, reducing the lead time. By promoting paperless processing, risks of losing personal data is reduced, and at the same time, cost reduction can be achieved due to termination of the traditional paper contracts.

Key Features

Electronic Order Function (Entry Format) / Identity Verification Function / Data Forwarding Function / Order Information Search Function / Order Information Introduction Function

Warehouse Management System

Realized a Strategic Inventory Management Based on Past Achievements

Warehouse Management System that pursued efficiency and accuracy based on our abundant experience in our domestic and foreign operations.
By linking with handy terminal system it becomes possible to understand the status of receipt and shipment of goods, inventory of multiple stores, location of the product within the warehouse, significantly reducing the time and cost required for inventory adjustment of multiple stores and reducing loss of sales opportunities.

Key Features

Inventory Count Management / Shipment Management / Equipment Management / Order Administration / Stock Management / Single and Multiple Picking Duty / System Management of Multiple Distribution Companies / Integrated Delivery Slip / Report Generation for Various Operations / Multiple Warehouse Management / Location Management / Multiple Contractors Management / Warehouse Operation Management

Order Management System

Reflected the Best Business Process Outsourcing Knowledge in Asia

Our Business Process Outsourcing Services ranked 1st place 3 years in a row for the Asian region. We applied that exceptional order management operation know-how to the system to realize efficiency and expedite operations.
Moreover by integrating with both domestic and foreign E-Commerce mall systems, automation of inventory reservation and order data fetch becomes possible.

Key Features

Correspondence to Consumption Tax Increase / Combine Shipment of Products / Automatic Setting of Salable Quantity / Order Status Management / Order Filtering / Multi Store Operation Management / Management of Reservation and Awaiting Shipments / Payment Management / Sales Inventory Control / Inventory Reservation / Return Products Data Management / Set Products Management / Reserved Products Management

Process Management System

Visualizes each step of the business process in E-Commerce business flow to understand the progress

By managing the E-Commerce business flow over multi-channels uniformly, each step of the business is visualized for clear understanding of the progress. Business management workload which was complicated due to coordinated management by multiple departments has drastically lightened. In addition, since business condition can accurately be assessed immediately, high-quality results will become possible.

Key Features

Process Management / Multi-Channel Coordination Function / Multi-System Coordination Function / Manager Monitoring Function

Call Tracking System

Implemented the No.1 Call Center System in Asia

We adopted the best call tracking system that supports Asia’s largest call center operation, boasting 20,580 seats worldwide, and supporting 23 languages.
We provide superior customer support regardless of the size of the E-Commerce website or business type or field.

Key Features

Customer Management / Inquiry Management / Operator Administration / FAQ Management / Escalation Management / Campaign Information / Response Template Management

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Services for USA and European Markets

In May of 2013 transcosmos formed a business alliance with PFSweb, Inc. ,one of the leaders in Europe and the USA for providing E-Commerce One-Stop outsourcing services, thereby constructing a system that can offer even stronger support for the E-Commerce businesses of our client companies.

E-Commerce One-Stop solutions tailored to the culture and characteristics of target markets

In overseas E-Commerce development, differences in culture and business practices require extensive time and effort, but by cooperating with PFSweb, Inc. as a leader, and other companies that have substantial experience and achievements in the local field, sales and operational efficiency can be expected to increase at an early stage.

Covering the USA, Canada and all of Europe with support in 7 languages

PFSweb, Inc. has 10 business centers around the world (USA, Canada, Belgium, Philippines), and including their call center and fulfillment center, its total business operation area totals to approximately 4.1 times that of the Tokyo Dome. At their fulfillment center, they are able to handle everything from gift wrapping of high-valued items to the bundling of free samples and appropriate quality control (food management, temperature control, etc.).

Service Features

E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce Platform

  • Standard adoption of SaaS-based Demandware with a strong reputation in Europe and the USA
  • Implementing development, construction and operation in accordance with the client company’s systems
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

  • Implementation and operation including effectiveness measurement of online advertising, mail marketing and Website analysis, etc.
  • Collaboration with leading American technology partners with know-how in the USA
Website Operation Merchandise Information Management

Website Operation Merchandise Information Management

  • Efficient operation can be realized by central managing complex digital assets, such as merchandise information and catalog photos
Order and Inventory Management System

Order and Inventory Management System

  • Construction of an “Omni-Channel” system capable of comprehensive management ranging from construction of an order management system in the warehouse, to receipt of goods in stores, shipment from the stores and store inventory management


  • Covering all of Europe and USA with six distribution facilities in the USA (Tennessee, Mississippi) and Belgium
  • Handles everything from merchandise receiving to picking, shipping, return processing, gift wrapping and enclosing message cards
Customer Care

Customer Care

  • Support via e-mail and chat are also possible
  • Flexible response to peak periods when E-Commerce orders increase rapidly, such as Christmas shopping season
  • Support in 7 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch)
Main achievements in the USA and Europe
Providing services to client companies including leading brands of the Fortune 500 and Global 1000 in the USA and Europe.
Also boasting a large number of accomplishments focusing on areas such as apparel, health and beauty, consumer goods, food and everyday sundries.

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Services for Chinese, South Korean and ASEAN Markets

For the Chinese Market

Since 2006, we have been providing design production, Website construction, marketing and operation services with a strong awareness to the Chinese market, with factors such as the “tastes of Chinese people” and “trends in the Chinese market” in mind.

Advantages of providing services rooted in the local Chinese environment

  • Support construction and operation of different platforms, and independent E-Commerce Website, including our strategic partner TMALL
  • Developed a multi-channel support system, “transECS” which provides the systems required for E-Commerce Website operation at One-Stop
  • Enables stable operations at an early stage for client company’s E-Commerce business start-ups from the accumulation of our extensive business experience and know-how in China
  • Introduction Background
  • Studied the E-Commerce channel as a new distribution route other than existing stores
    Was looking for an outsourcing contractor with the ability to handle everything from Website construction to operations
  • Services Provided
  • Supported all areas from design and construction of E-Commerce Websites to promotion and shipping at One-Stop
  • Results
  • Achieved 150% growth of monthly sales for three consecutive months after launch
  • Succeeded in smooth launch of E-Commerce Website in China

Case example of a store launch support for China’s largest E-Commerce mall, “TMALL”

Main achievements in the Chinese
In addition to major Japanese brand companies, we are also providing services to European, American and Chinese brand companies. Possesses a large number of achievements in various areas with a focus on apparel, consumer goods and toys.

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For the Korean Market

Since 2001, we have been providing One-Stop services ranging from the construction of E-Commerce Websites to customer care, including promotions to attract customers, order reception desk and after sales support, all with a strong awareness of the Korean market.

Advantages of providing servicesrooted in the local Korean environment

  • We constructed a system for enhancement of E-Commerce One-Stop services by acquiring Interpark CS, where they have expanded call center business of the major Korean online shopping mall “Interpark”.
  • We started an overseas export support business incooperation with Korea’s largest online shopping mall “Gmarket (eBay group)”

The Korean Case Study
Dinos Cecile

  • transcosmos Korea inaugurates the “Cecile Online Shop” E-Commerce site for the Korean market
  • transcosmos Korea will handle general business operations for the “Cecile Online Shop” at One-Stop, ranging from the construction and operation of this E-Commerce site to functions such as marketing to attract customers, customer support and order acceptance at call centers, and fulfillment operations including purchasing, inventory control and delivery.
  • The “Cecile Online Shop” is aiming for sales of 10 billion won (about 900 million yen) three years from now in fiscal year 2016.

[Cecile Online Shop]


Case Study

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Accelerating E-Commerce One-Stop service in the ASEAN market

We provide support to corporate clients’ advancement to ASEAN market by partnering with leaders of various fields from fashion, cosmetics, eBooks in the ASEAN market.


Successfully acquires over 10,000 new members each day.
Business partnership with ASEAN’s eBook pioneer with more than 5.5 million members, “Ookbee”


Business partnership with cosmetics E-Commerce company expanding to 8 ASEAN countries, “LUXOLA”


Business partnership with Indonesia’s largest E-Commerce fashion website carrying more than 500 brands, “Berrybenka.com”

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