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Services for the South Korean Market

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Since 2001, we have been providing One-Stop services ranging from the construction of E-Commerce Websites to customer care, including promotions to attract customers, order reception desk and after sales support, all with a strong awareness of the South Korean market.

transcosmos Awarded “High Performance Award” from eBay Korea

Services Summary for the South Korean Market

  • We constructed a system for enhancement of E-Commerce One-Stop services by acquiring Interpark CS, where they have expanded contact center business of the major South Korean online shopping mall “Interpark”.
  • We started an overseas export support business in cooperation with South Korea’s largest online shopping mall “Gmarket (eBay group)”

The South Korean Case Study
Dinos Cecile

  • transcosmos Korea inaugurates the “Cecile Online Shop” E-Commerce site for the South Korean market
  • transcosmos Korea will handle general business operations for the “Cecile Online Shop” at One-Stop, ranging from the construction and operation of this E-Commerce site to functions such as marketing to attract customers, customer support and order acceptance at contact centers, and fulfillment operations including purchasing, inventory control and delivery.
  • The “Cecile Online Shop” is aiming for sales of 10 billion won (about 900 million yen) three years from now in fiscal year 2016.

[Cecile Online Shop]


Case Study

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