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E-Commerce Fulfillment Center

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The total operation area of PFSweb, Inc. in the U.S. including warehouses and distribution centers is about 4.1 times the size of the Tokyo Dome. It supports efficient warehouse business operations by seamlessly linking the order management and warehouse management systems, thereby enabling comprehensive “total optimization” of information, including merchandise inventory and inbound / outbound shipping information within the warehouse, E-Commerce Website access and campaign response.

E-Commerce Fulfillment Center
- From Merchandise Receipt to Picking, Shipping, Returns and Gif Wrapping -

E-Commerce Fulfillment Center

Advantages of the Fulfillment Center

Order management system / warehouse management system links to the E-Commerce platform

  • Warehouse management and order management systems are integrated to enable efficient operations
  • In addition to the standard system, customization to meet client company’s requests are also possible

Fulfillment business operations based on the brand strategy of client companies

  • Ensures high quality operation of warehouse business processes, including receiving, sorting, storing, picking, packing and shipping based on operation results with leading brands
  • Responds flexibly to client company’s brand requirements with value-added services for distribution processing (gift wrapping, enclosing message cards, etc.)

Thorough warehouse security

  • High-valued merchandise can be stored inside a locked security fence within the warehouse center

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