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Services for the Chinese Market

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China’s E-Commerce market exceeds ¥30 trillion, and still maintains a growth rate of 30%.
Within the BtoC market, in addition to the mall launch type represented by the Alibaba Group’s TMALL (a method for companies to set up their own E-Commerce store in a mall), the wholesale type aimed at online retailers represented by JUMEI, Yihaodian (The Store) and JD.com (a method for companies to place goods with online retailers without opening a store) are increasing their presence as outlets are diversifying.
transcosmos responds to this type of Chinese E-Commerce market and delivers client’s excellent products to Chinese consumers.

Supports All E-Commerce Sales Channels

Services Summary for the Chinese Market

Chinese Market E-Commerce One-Stop Services of transcosmos

Chinese Market E-Commerce One-Stop Services of transcosmos

Advantages of Chinese Market E-Commerce One-Stop Services

transcosmos provides optimal operations for client companies based on its track record in providing services to 50 companies in China’s E-Commerce market. This includes capital and business alliances with major business operators having extensive experience in the Chinese E-Commerce market.

1)Functions Necessary for E-Commerce are Provided at One-Stop

Functions Necessary for E-Commerce are Provided at One-Stop

2)Strong Partnerships with Sales Channels (and Wholesaling to Channels)
The Largest E-Commerce Market in China

A strategic partnership agreement was concluded with TMALL in December 2009.

As an outstanding E-Commerce outsourcer, transcosmos receives gold certification in the apparel and baby categorys and silver certification in daily goods and automobile categorys from TMALL, China's largest E-Commerce mall

A Distributor for Chinese Online Retailers

Wholesale and sales promotions conducted for China’s leading online retailers.
The largest distribution business in China for E-Commerce specializing in Cosmetics and Personal Care.

3)Sales Promotion Utilizing Advanced Digital Marketing
One of China’s Top 3 Digital Agencies
Beijing Tensyn Digital Marketing Technology Joint Stock Company

A digital agency that is developing Internet promotion services.
Among the Top 3 in media buying (purchasing of ad spots) on major portal and video Websites in the Chinese market.

4)Operational Collaboration with Companies Having Expertise in China’s E-Commerce Market
An E-Commerce Solutions Vendor With a Track Record of 1.5 Million Implementations

Has earned a top class share of E-Commerce storefront systems, having a track record of nearly 1.5 million E-Commerce solution and system implementations in the development and sales of E-Commerce solutions and systems.

E-Commerce Fulfillment and Logistics Company

An E-Commerce fulfillment and logistics company, boasting a delivery center with a total operation area of 113,000 m², which is able to deliver goods to E-Commerce users in almost all areas of mainland China. Handling a daily average of 40,000 orders / fulfillments / deliveries on behalf of clients, and up to 150,000 per day in peak periods. Retaining eight warehouse locations totaling 113,000 m² inside China (at the end of September 2014).

Major Achievements in China

In addition to major Japanese brand companies, services are also provided for Western and Chinese brand companies. Enjoying numerous achievements focused on fields such as apparel, consumer products and toys.

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