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200% increase in number of orders compared to last year due to optimization of search advertising and LPO.
E-Commerce website support is provided with SEM + website promotion know-how.

Challenge Challenge

Enhanced attraction of customers to the company’s E-Commerce website

Results Results

  • Achieved a growth rate of 200% in the number of midyear gift season orders compared to last year
  • Marked a 9.52% conversion rate for summer gift related keywords
  • Achieved LPO linked with optimization of search advertising

Person in Charge
Shaddy Co., Ltd.

We received cooperation from reliable staff that was never provided by other advertising agencies.

We were honestly surprised with the result of over 200% compared with last year, which was much more than expected. We received cooperation from transcosmos with a staff so reliable that they were indistinguishable from our regular company employees. This attitude was something that we had not experienced with other advertising agencies, and we feel that we were also very fortunate with the person who was in charge. Since we believe there are no goals for SEM and website promotion, it will be necessary to continue fine tuning in the future. Furthermore, since technology is steadily advancing with new developments, it is also important to meet challenges while absorbing that kind of information. The ultimate goal at the present time is to increase our annual sales, but we are not too concern about this. Since it was possible to have this much success in the midyear gift season, we would like to have continuing support to achieve good results for the year-end shopping season too.

Renewal of E-Commerce website promotion with SEM

In addition to 3,000 “Shaddy Shop” and “Shaddy Saladakan” stores set up throughout the country, Shaddy Co. Ltd. (hereafter, Shaddy) is promoting a “media mix with stores-type” of business model, which combines various media such as the Internet and catalogs. The company has continued to grow steadily based on a unique corporate structure.

In the gift market, which is said to have a market size of ¥10.98 trillion, the growth in each company’s sales year by year has been from Internet sales of gifts. Shaddy also launched an E-Commerce shopping website, “Shaddy Gift & Shopping” (http://shaddy.jp/), beginning in November 2000, and it has developed campaigns for each gift shopping season as a major pillar of its business, including the summer and year-end gift seasons, as well as Father’s Day and Mother’s day.

SEM measures such as search advertising and SEO are essential to attract customers to the E-Commerce website. Three Heart Corporation Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Three Heart Corporation), which handles operation management for “Shaddy Gift & Shopping,” has also performed website promotion together with other advertising agencies using SEM in the past, but it was not quite possible to achieve the promotions that were expected.

Therefore, Three Heart Corporation formed a marketing team together with transcosmos and a website production company. It was decided to renew the website promotions based on SEM.

Orders increased more than 200% over last year with optimization of search advertising and LPO

At the approach of the midyear gift shopping season, the measures implemented by transcosmos for attracting customers to “Shaddy Gift & Shopping” while performing consulting and competitive analysis involved a review of search advertising and the achievement of LPO (Landing Page Optimization).

Regarding search advertising, transcosmos utilized its own unique search keyword extraction tool to repeatedly develop and validate the most effective keywords (words to be searched) and creative elements (Internet advertising title and description, etc.). This was conducted for each of the two Yahoo! Promotional Ads and Google AdWords services.

In addition, transcosmos also created the landing page (the page that appears from clicking a link in an Internet ad) in conjunction with the production company, while establishing the keywords and creative elements at the same time. It was possible to design leads that are easy for the user to understand by matching keywords, creative elements and landing pages.

As a result, the CVR (conversion rate) from users searching with keywords related to midyear gifts managed to obtain superior results of 6.73% with Yahoo! Promotional Ads and 9.52% with Google AdWords, and orders received for midyear gift products on “Shaddy Gift & Shopping” amounted to more than 200% of last year’s sales.

Proposals for website promotion that go beyond SEM measures

In addition, Three Heart Corporation is anticipating proposals from transcosmos which are not limited to SEM measures such as search advertising and LPO. Three Heart Corporation’s idea is to continue linking the experience from many large-scale website promotions that transcosmos has worked on until now to the overall marketing of “Shaddy Gift & Shopping” by providing feed-back to the marketing team.

transcosmos will continue to provide strong support for the E-Commerce website promotions of its client companies in the future with marketing development based on SEM.

Services provided to Shaddy

Services provided to Shaddy

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