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Oshman’s Japan

Full renewal of their online shopping webpage. We created a new operational system onsite.

Challenge Challenge

Full renewal of the website in a short period of time

Results Results

  • Full renewal of the website in a short period of only 2 months time
  • Reconstruction and SEO of product categories and user flow
  • Development of a stable production model through onsite implementation

Mr. Tomohiko Murakami
Products Group, Systems Manager
Oshman’s Japan Co., Ltd.

Mr. Aki Yamauchi
Products Group, EC Manager
Oshman’s Japan Co., Ltd.

Upon observing the way they handled the project, “I was glad we contracted with them.”

EC sites require not only site production, but also customer information and systems management and operational know-how. We selected transcosmos based on their “track record and reputation for reliability.” It was an extremely tight schedule, but upon observing the way they intelligently handled the project, “I was glad we contracted with them.”

We are completely satisfied with our new online shop in many respects, especially in terms of design, composition, and transcosmos’ onsite operations. In the future, we will be searching for ways to take advantage of the strengths of our retail stores and to better effectively coordinate our web and brick and mortar stores. We have been able to implement promotions for listing and affiliate advertisements with consistent results, and we look forward to receive transcomos’ continued advice and solutions.

We provided a total plan that included operational restructuring and promotional campaigns

Oshman’s Japan, (hereafter, Oshman’s) sells fashion and sporting goods that are American causal. Presently, it has a total of six stores in three prefectures in the Kanto region. In addition to these retail shops, they have the vital sales channel of their online shop, which serves as virtually the only means through which Oshman’s fans can purchase items if they do not live in proximity to their retail shops. Oshman’s has a lineup of about 10,000 items on their website and their sales have been growing steadily in the past few years.

transcosmos entered into discussions for the full renewal of their online shop in February of 2009. Of course, the design and user-friendliness of an EC site is important, but the establishment of an operational system and sales promotion campaigns are equally important. From this total perspective, we proposed our renewal plan and provided our services.

Rearranging the categories and user conductors, we created a system to easily guide users to the products they want

The time required from the start to opening of the site was a little over two months. In this short amount of time we achieved an aggressive schedule to fully renew this site. To reliably create this site within this given time period, we immediately established a project team for this.

With cooperation from Oshman’s, we were able to proceed with the renewal work on schedule and a new site was opened in May of 2009. This new online shop differed greatly from the previous site in various respects. It has a more compact design, an easier to understand menu configuration, and a more readable news column, etc. The biggest change was the improved search-ability of products. By changing the item category composition and reorganizing conductors, we were successful in creating a system in which users can easily get to their desired products.

With this new operational structure, we have achieved smooth information updates

The other major change was the operational structure. Previously, Oshman’s contracted outside vendors to do their updates and operations offsite, but after this renewal, transcosmos has created an in-house operational system by providing three (onsite resident) webmasters to Oshman’s.

EC sites require not only daily updates for their product information, but also emergency response to problems that may arise at any time. Our system makes it possible to smoothly respond to any such requirements onsite, in a timely manner. Of course, the work of these webmasters are backed up by the full resources of transcosmos' headquarters staff.

Product sales have steadily increase since the site renewal. The purchases of non-registered web members, “window shopping customers,” has especially increased. These new customers access the site, find something they like and buy it. Leading users to such purchases is one of the biggest fruits of this site renewal.

Oshman’s has various future plans, such as further enriching its contents, developing effective listing and affiliate advertisements, implementation of SEO’s, and user enticements. To contribute further in increasing sales at their online shops, transcosmos will continue to provide its utmost support to Oshman’s.

Services provided to Oshman’s Japan

Services provided to Oshman's Japan

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