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Achieved operational efficiency and cost optimization by providing the phases of application development, support desk and system operation all at one-stop

Challenge Challenge

Help desk provision, application development and system operation for in-house systems aimed at promoting the use of IT by company employees

Results Results

  • Provided development, help desk and system operation all at one stop
  • High level of trust gained by providing a finely-tuned help desk
  • Provided consistent service based on the IT strategy of NTN

Person in Charge
NTN Corporation

We are receiving a wide range of cooperation in creating an environment where our employees can focus on their essential core duties.

transcosmos has not merely offered a support desk, but has provided us with a wide range of assistance including the education and improvement in the IT literacy of employees, as well as the accumulation and utilization of knowledge. Our company is focused on IT investment in which the utilization of IT by employees has been facilitated thanks to a variety of backup systems, which led to the improvement of operational efficiency. transcosmos is something like an “unsung hero” for us.
Further upgrading of the IT infrastructure at each location and the network that links the locations has become an important issue for our company, which is actively pursuing expansion of its business domestically and internationally. We have already requested support from transcosmos, such as support for a video conferencing system, but we would also like to receive assistance in many other ways in the future to achieve the IT strategy of our company, including global expansion.

Providing support at one stop in response to changes

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) is a global manufacturer that performs the development, manufacture and sale of precision machinery components, such as bearings and automotive joints, and its technical capabilities have earned a high reputation at home and abroad.
For many years, transcosmos has provided services that responds to the changes in the IT environment and business needs of NTN, and it is contributing in areas such as stable system operations and promoting the utilization of IT.
The main feature of outsourcing services at NTN is the planning, providing and feedback for consistent services at one stop through the cooperation of each team by linking all phases of application development, support desk and system operation. For example, when there is an application version upgrade, service is not limited merely to the installation work, but tasks including maintenance of manuals, creation of reference websites and operational management of servers are efficiently implemented, and cost benefits are also generated.

Improving IT literacy with a finely-tuned awareness campaign for employees

At the support desk, in addition to activities like general failure response and inquiry response, there is also a commitment to improving IT literacy through affirmative awareness building activities which are conducted in-house utilizing resources such as websites and e-mail. For example, when new software and business systems are introduced, various measures are implemented including the launch of websites and delivery of e-mail newsletters for better understanding, publication of FAQs for knowledge sharing, and demonstrations and various kinds of education programs are also provided at each operation center in the country. transcosmos offers not only episodic support desk services based on inquiries, but provides services which promote the company-wide application of IT at NTN.

Proposal and implementation capabilities to constantly achieve optimal IT environments

Within system operations, servers which had been decentralized among various departments were integrated and management personnel were reduced, while fault tolerance was enhanced and greater efficiency achieved through clustering. In addition, security enhancements were also carried out with the introduction of an anti-virus server and the deployment of management personnel with anti-virus expertise.
Furthermore, in terms of operations to continuously improve the IT environment, measures have been implemented including the construction and operation of an Intranet environment, development and operation of internal company business systems, and content creation for an internal company website and a corporate website.
Not limited to Japan, NTN is actively pushing forward with global deployment including America, Asia and Europe.
transcosmos effectively backs up this IT strategy with its ability to provide consistent service proposals and speedy implementation, and it will continue to contribute to the further development of NTN in the future.

Services provided to NTN

Services provided to NTN

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