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Website operation speed improved with effective use of the CMS and recommendation engine.
Optimal information is displayed automatically for each Website visitor, and the flow rate to the core contents is increased 1.7 times.

Challenge Challenge

Provides information tailored to each individual user with optimal timing on the Website

Results Results

  • Website renewal that makes effective use of the CMS and recommendation engine
  • Operation speed is improved and operational efficiency is achieved with additional feature development for the CMS
  • Traffic is increased and the flow rate to core content grows by 170% with enhancement of the recommendation function


Mrs. Hikari Sudo
Assistant Manager
Information & Communication
Technology Headquarters

We are grateful for transcosmos’s proposal capabilities that take advantage of their wide range of know-how and their very enthusiastic commitment.

As a travel agency founded more than 100 years ago, our company would like to guide each customer to the best possible travel information on a Website in the same way that we have provided service to our customers in our stores.
As the first step toward achieving this objective through our homepage renewal in 2013, all of Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa was divided into 11 areas for the classification of travel products, and we implemented measures such as optimizing the displayed content in accordance with the customers’ browsing history. We are very grateful to transcosmos for their diligent work in areas ranging from the selection of tools from our own perspective to the ideal display method from our customer’s perspective. Even when problems were encountered, it was possible to carry out the renewal on schedule thanks to having speedy proposals for solutions based on transcosmos’s wide range of expertise, and as a result this also led to an improvement in the exit rate.
We expect that we will continue to have transcosmos provide us with new proposals from the customer’s perspective as a trusted partner in the future.

Website renewal and reduction of operational load by effectively using existing tools to create appropriate mechanisms

Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Nippon Travel Agency) is a travel industry leader. Every day 80,000 people visit their Website, which offers a large number of domestic and overseas tour deals including “Akai Fusen” and “Best Tours.”

Nippon Travel Agency had been operating their own Website using two tools, the recommendation engine “Rtoaster” (*1) and the CMS (content management system) “NOREN” (*2). However, since these tools were each being used individually, work was complicated because of the duplicate operations and which thus, increased their workload. Therefore as a result, the capabilities of the tools were not being used effectively and a problem where the information optimized for each individual was not being provided with the best possible timing, was apparent.

transcosmos proposed a renewal of the Website’s top page, which would reduce the day-to-day operational burden by linking these existing tools, and at the same time also achieve more accurate personalization by taking full advantage of the tools.

*1: A system offered by BrainPad Inc. which displays the optimal content based on factors such as the purchasing / action history and customer attributes of Website visitors
*2: A system offered by Assist Co., Ltd. which manages content for elements such as graphics and text on Websites

Simultaneously achieve efficiency and personalization in operational services

First, additional functions were developed in order to centrally manage subject matter and contents with the CMS, including feature banners which are increasing with the combination of multiple conditions such as departure points, destinations, travel days and hotels. The responsible personnel has constructed a system which can also perform registration into the recommendation engine by extracting the information registered in CMS with CSV files and simply importing the data to the recommendation engine. With improved operation of the CMS, operation speed was greatly increased by automating a portion of the work flow, thereby making it possible to focus on core functions such as planning and development work for travel products, and enabled flexibility for Website enhancement.

Next, the recommendation functions were reviewed and enhanced the promotion area of the Nippon Travel Agency Website top page based on this data. Access areas are determined from the users’ IP address, and tour information sorted by departure point is separated according to the area information. At the same time, specials and store information were separated and displayed, and expanded from 4 to 11 areas. As a result, it is now possible to directly deliver the best information matched to the user’s residence area. In addition, since about half of the visitors to the Nippon Travel Agency Website are repeat visitors, special banners are automatically displayed, matching elements such as browsed pages and keywords searched in the past. It is now possible to guide users to special pages featuring travel destinations according to their preferences. Furthermore, a top page which incorporates the needs of both users and Nippon Travel Agency, where not only optimized information is displayed automatically, but also incorporating various functions at low cost in a short time by utilizing the existing system, including the implementation of functions enabling the display of Nippon Travel Agency’s core products, was created.

Traffic was increased with enhancement of the recommendation function. Flow rate to core contents was increased 1.7 times

After the Website renewal, the traffic flow from the top page to core product pages increased by 70% or more and the exit rate from core product pages decreased by 5%, following the enhancement of recommendations and the separation of contents.

Nippon Travel Agency seeks to further enhance the linkage between the CMS and the recommendation engine, and also centrally manage items including their product database and e-mail magazine contents, in order to increase the accuracy of personalization even further. It is expected that it will become more important for Nippon Travel Agency to also be associated with a Website that enables travel information searches and reservations apart from the off-line information held in brick-and-motor locations and outside of regular store business hours.

transcosmos will continue to support future marketing activities for Nippon Travel Agency, which is always working on new initiatives, and will assist with their further business expansion.

Services provided to NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY

Services provided to NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY

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