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Nestlé Japan

Realized Business Continuity Planning (BCP) for domestic orders through simultaneous launch of two centers

Challenge Challenge

To secure a system capable of responding flexibly to changes in orders and to improve the service level

Results Results

  • Realized Business Continuity Planning (BCP) by taking advantage of BPO centers established all over Japan
  • Optimized productivity and quality by utilizing a management tool made based on its unique know-how
  • Continuous improvement of productivity and quality through joint project by both companies

Nestlé Japan Ltd. Haruo Sakaguchi

Mr. Haruo Sakaguchi
Customer Service & Distribution Manager
Customer Service & Distribution Department
Supply Chain Management Division
Nestlé Japan Ltd.

Pursuing improvement in service level with joint efforts with transcosmos that started since launching phase

Along the process of launching two order centers at the same time, we encountered various, unexpected problems, but with the support from internal departments, we were able to combine forces in landing a successful launch.
In order to stabilize the operations, both companies extracted issues, and contributed solutions and improvement by cooperating with each other to tackle each of the tasks one by one.
Even after the launch, we are promoting further improvement of the center’s service level by exerting continuous efforts in improvement by both companies.
Going forward, we will continue to work in cooperation with each other to promote further improvements and reinforcements, in order to contribute to an even higher degree of satisfaction for Nestlé Japan’s customers and its business growth.

transcosmos’s experience with many order centers in the food industry and abundant know-how was the determining factor

Nestlé Japan Inc. (hereafter, Nestlé Japan) has the No. 1 share in Japan in soluble (instant) coffee category and has widely-developed manufacturing and sales business in food and beverage. It was established as a Japanese subsidiary of Nestle S.A., the largest food and beverage manufacturer in the world and has just celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013.

Nestlé Japan handles a wide variety of products, mainly coffee and chocolate for consumers and raw ingredients for industrial use, and its orders were handled internally. In order to accommodate market changes, Nestlé Japan continuously pursues new product strategies. Securing a system which flexibly accommodates changes in the order-taking business and improving the center’s service level needed to be addressed immediately to respond to these changes.

In order to solve these challenges, Nestlé Japan decided to utilize outsourcing service for its order center operations. But due to the large number of products and different processing rules for different customers, order center operations were extremely complicated, making it a concern in considering using an outsourcer.

Nestlé Japan has decided to entrust transcosmos with its order center operations, as transcosmos possesses rich experience and abundant know-how with order center operations in the food industry, and suggested an efficient management through unique management tools and BCP responses through utilizing its own BPO centers located all over Japan.

Succeeded in transferring both Osaka and Kumamoto centers at the same time and optimizing operational duties by utilizing business tools

It was essential to launch both centers at the same time for business continuity.

For that reason, transcosmos selected Osaka and Kumamoto centers out of all the BPO centers in Japan and designed a system to manage the entire business including both centers.

In order to understand operations conducted at both centers of Nestlé Japan, transcosmos researched product information, business process, and details of the recordkeeping forms, etc. and designed a management scheme based on the results. Furthermore, to optimize service quality and efficiency, transcosmos introduced its proprietary management tool.

In regard to launching the operations, transcosmos had undergone business training provided by Nestlé Japan through OJT, etc., visualized/verbalized the business procedures, and documented the manuals. Through test-run operation, transcosmos reinforced daily cooperation between the centers, and by sharing each other’s business know-how and questions in a timely manner, quality and productivity were improved on both ends. Moreover, weekly discussions were held with Nestlé Japan to discuss quality and productivity and know-hows were exchanged in pursuit of further strengthening the center’s business operations.

As a result of these efforts, simultaneous launch of the two centers at the same time, which are capable of accommodating inquiries from customers regarding orders, products and MOQ approach, was successful.

Promoting further reinforcement of productivity and quality with joint forces with Nestlé Japan

Since this operation started, the service level was equal to the goal set at initial planning phase. The weekly conference with Nestlé Japan which started during the design phase has become an on-going routine as a joint quality-improvement project by both companies and deals with various themes in order to strengthen the centers’ productivity and quality to an even higher level.

transcosmos will continue to serve as a business partner to contribute to Nestlé Japan’s business reinforcement through continuous business improvement and active proposals and suggestions.

Services Provided to Nestlé Japan

Services Provided to Nestlé Japan Ltd.

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