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Japan’s preeminent mega-corporate site’s operational tasks are consolidated here at our center. With this new operational system, we realize cost reductions and flexibility.

Challenge Challenge

Cost reductions and efficiency improvements for a website that had been divided

Results Results

  • Consolidation of operations and the establishment of an operations center
  • a 30% reduction in operational costs through operational efficiency
  • Development of a new operational model in roughly one month

Mr. Tsutomu Hamano
Lead Online Marketing
Digital Marketing and Analytics Group
Central Marketing Division
Microsoft Co., Ltd.

Observing the transition and its operations, I was impressed with their “professionalism.”

I am very satisfied with the achievement of transcosmos in establishing a completely new operational structure in the span of merely one month. Observing the transitional process and their subsequent operations, I was impressed with their “professionalism.”

Our corporate website presently has three “Visions.” The first is to have a website that appropriately provides the information that each of our customers desire. The second is to have a site that clearly and tangibly contributes to our company’s business. The third is to become a medium that establishes Microsoft’s brand image. To implement such a vision, a partner with rich experience, skill and knowledge in overall web operations is essential. We ask that transcosmos continues to help us realize our vision in the future.

Aim for cost reductions by consolidating site operations

With 200,000 total pages on Microsoft’s website, it is the largest scale corporate website in Japan. Even from the perspective of breadth of its user base, it is Japan’s preeminent site.

Until now, this site was operated by two outside contractors, who divided their labor by product page, but there were several challenges with this operational structure. First of all, as the tasks were dispersed between two entities, costs were relatively expensive, and secondly, it was hard to maintain flexibility in the frequency of site updates. Further, when new tools were introduced, training for the staff of both companies had to be done separately.

We have been able to consolidate operations to realize cost reductions and to create a system that is more flexible in its handling. Grasping the needs of Microsoft, transcosmos embarked on creating a new operational system since June of 2009.

We created a new operational system in one month, establishing a center within our headquarters

The time required for us to create a totally new operational structure was a little over one month. First of all, we assembled a team of experts and conducted training on the site operation. This was required because we needed all of our staff to have full command of Microsoft’s proprietarily developed operational tools. After that, we focused intensively on transfer of operational tasks and on July 1, 2009, we established the “MSCOM Site Management Center” at our Tokyo, Shibuya Ward, transcosmos Headquarters to exclusively conduct total operational management of Microsoft'’ website in Japan.

The merits of concentrating operations in this center go beyond mere cost reduction. We are now better able to unify the quality of the overall website, respond flexibly to the increased amount of operational work in terms of resources, and unify the level of knowledge of and skill in using newly implemented tools, just to name a few.

As of July 2009, approximately one-half of the existing operations were consolidated at our center, and by January of 2010, the plan is for the remaining transfer of operations to be complete (as of September 2009). As a result, practically all of Microsoft’s website operations will be consolidated at this center.

We have been successful in achieving 30% cost reductions, and now we will focus on continuous quality improvements

We have been able to see tangible results through this new operational system. After opening this center, operational costs were reduced by 30% compared to the previous year, and we were thus able to clear our biggest challenge. Of course, our day to day operations have been running smoothly.

For the foreseeable future, our biggest goal is to perfect and stabilize this new operational system, but after that, while aiming to improve the quality of the operations, we also want to proactively contribute to the quality of the website itself.

Based on transcosmos’ wealth of experience in the construction, operation and management of various websites, our goal is to actively provide our advice, knowledge and technical know-how to support and contribute to a high quality website for Microsoft’s overall business. To fulfill the next steps in our mission, we will continue to provide our utmost support.

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Microsoft Organizational Transfer Diagram

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