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Handled orders for over 50,000 transactions of semiconductors and electronic devices every month. Contributed to MACNICA’s business growth through business optimization and continuous improvement.

Challenge Challenge

Along with the increase in products and transactions with client corporations, the number of duties pertaining to handling orders had rapidly increased, and MACNICA was suffering a shortage in labor

Results Results

  • Responded to over 50,000 transactions of orders for semiconductors and electronic devices every month
  • Through optimization of the business process, 3,000 types of processing procedures have been reduced in half
  • Due to continuous business improvement, productivity doubled and substantial quality improvement were achieved

MACNICA Inc. Tateki Imai

Mr. Tateki Imai
Business Operations Dept.

MACNICA Inc. Yuko Murata

Mrs. Yuko Murata
e-Commerce ManagementDeputy Manager
Business Operations Dept.

We will continue to look forward to new suggestions from transcosmos’s proposals as they are all backed up with their rich know-how and sophisticated skills.

In order to launch business smoothly and accommodate large variant types of orders and to personalize them for each of the customers, a very detailed business design is essential, requiring enormous effort. The reason behind our success in establishing our business in such a short time is that transcosmos gladly accepted our company’s requests and swiftly utilized its ideas based on their know-how.
Especially, for creation of the manual, we were able to organize all scattered information by closely communicating with each other, and after implementing the service, transcosmos made suggestions for tools to improve business efficiency. We are very grateful toward transcosmos as a business partner.
In addition, many of transcosmos’s staff members have been with the company for many years, and we share that same respect for the company’s motto of appreciating its human resources.
We would like to continuously receive new ideas from transcosmos as they always utilize their sophisticated skills and know-how in standardization.

Supported employees’ focus in concentrating on their core tasks by utilizing outsourcing capabilities for diversifying orders.

Since its establishment in 1972, MACNICA Inc. (hereafter, “MACNICA”) has been providing superior technology to the world, starting with semiconductors and electronic devices, and diversified products from network equipment to software.

As product sales increased smoothly, the number of products handled marked over 80,000, and the number of corporate clients dealt increased as well. As a result, product knowledge and procedures necessary for the duties related to orders have become more and more complicated.

Accordingly, there had been an issue in securing and training personnel to devote to their order duties, and the workload for management had rapidly increased. For that reason, there was shortage of labor as some employees were unable to concentrate on their original line of duties.

In order to resolve this issue, MACNICA decided to outsource its order-related duties to transcosmos, who possessed abundant experience and know-how with business process outsourcing services at many centers both domestically and overseas.

Succeeded in optimizing business process and constructing an operation scheme through BPR from onsite’s viewpoint.

As a first step, in order to grasp the overall picture of the internal duties related to the orders within MACNICA, transcosmos conducted detailed research of the company’s current situation, including, business process and necessary product knowledge and degree of difficulty, and work procedures and recordkeeping forms.

Next, in order to design a management system most appropriate in terms of cost and quality, transcosmos redefined the scope of duties and business process for both companies based on the research results, and designed a management system which would be more effective than MACNICA had originally initially perceived.

Further, we organized the vast number of work manuals and duties which had become inconsistent and dependent upon each responsible employee, by implementing standardization and documentation.

In addition, along with re-designing the business process and re-organizing the documents, we designed a unique training curriculum and training contents in order for MACNICA’s employees to learn the vast amount of product knowledge, and also conducted training for all the staff members.

As far as launching operations, we set important indicators as KPI to aim for appropriate productivity, quality maintenance, and further improvement, and introduced a scheme to realize business improvement continuously as well as early detection of issues by continuously implementing assessments/evaluations.

Through these efforts, transcosmos was able to realize launching of the operations within a short period of time, by designing a management system which would allow MACNICA employees to concentrate on their original duties and realizing business cost reduction.

Through continuous business improvement, productivity and quality improved two times.

Since its launch, transcosmos oversaw all tasks and pinpointed issues which could be made more efficient and continued improving the overall business productivity by improving the business processing procedures and implementing EDI data entry automation tool, etc.

In addition, service quality was continuously improved and assured, as when any time an error occurred, transcosmos conducted research in finding the cause and trend analysis on each of the cases. Based on this information, operation manuals were revised and study sessions were conducted accordingly for all the staff members.

Through transcosmos’s continued efforts, processing ability doubled compared at the time of initial implementation. Moreover, in the areas of quality the number of processing errors has drastically decreased, and the monthly level of 0 - 30 ppm* has been maintained.

Products sold by MACNICA keep on diversifying further along with the technological advances. transcosmos will respond to the ordering duties for the latest products speedily and accurately and will continue to be a business partner to contribute to MACNICA’s business growth through continuous productivity and quality improvement.

* ppm : Parts Per Million (meaning 1 out of 1 million)
1 ppm is the same as 0.0001%

Services provided to MACNICA

Services provided to MACNICA

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