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Kumon Educational Japan

Monthly page views numbers increased 10 fold over the average in 2 years.
The planning and production of web content that children can relate to.

Challenge Challenge

The appeal of the Kumon brand and arousal of interest amongst children and their guardians.

Results Results

  • The planning and production of original web special feature contents
  • Arouse interest in children by developing tools that they can enjoy with a sense of familiarity
  • An increase of 10 fold over average feature content page views in 2 years since release

Kumon Educational Japan Co., Ltd. Yoko Wada

Mr. Yoko Wada
Popularization Planning Team
Popularization Propulsion Planning Department
Kumon Educational Japan Co., Ltd.

There is a very reassuring feeling inherent in the willingness to learn about “Kumon”

For better or worse, “Kumon” has a very strict image.
We thought it would be best for children and their guardians to experience us on a closer level. This was the first experiment our company has undertaken in using games utilizing the “Kumon Method” learning tools. This was a fun concept, however, there was quite a bit of concern regarding whether there was a match between “games” and the “Kumon Method” and whether or not guardians would accept this without reservation.
The basic Kumon learning tools became the subject for the games. The simplicity of that concept was apparently quite fresh for children who already play many games. Many children were entertained. Going forward, we hope to receive proposals from transcosmos regarding services in other areas.

Brand appeal using the internet

The Kumon Educational Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Kumon) has established a number of learning centers in 47 countries and regions. The "Kumon Method" prides itself on a high level of name recognition due to so many of the world’s children learning by it.
However, Kumon has identified as a challenger, that despite brand recognition, there is greater potential for developing interest in Kumon as one option for children’s education. In order for children to feel closer to Kumon which, as a brand, is centered mostly on a “classroom” model, a challenge has been how to directly relay our message as opposed to one way transmission through typical mass media. In response to this question of Kumon’s, transcosmos proposed the planning and production of the Kumon original web content “Kumon, Ikumon♪” (Kumon, come on!) in collaboration with “Kids goo.”

Three mechanisms for developing familiarity with the “Kumon Method”

“Kids goo” as a medium that is already familiar to children through its active use in elementary school classrooms, and given its level of affinity with the Kumon business, was very appropriate for solving Kumon’s challenges.
Further, in regard to content, efforts were made so that Kumon could be experienced close at hand, in a manner easily understood even by children, and enjoyed with a sense of familiarity.
Fun mechanisms such as making a game out of the “Number and Chinese Character Magnet Board”, that is used in the Kumon classrooms, and an “Occupational Assessment” that can be completed by answering simple questions and lets you know which jobs are suitable for you, and expresses the importance of learning English, were introduced. Further, as a method for increasing two-way communication, which had been cited as a challenge, a “bulletin board” corner was setup in which children could comment and view on themes such as “Things I want to do this summer” and “Things we could all do.”
On the creative side, in order to connect with mass promotion things concepts were created which could thought to be “interesting” or “cute.” Gentle images were produced to match Kumon’s “Kumon, Ikumon”

Elicit a synergistic effect in cross-sectional content

Further, rather than attracting children, who are the main target, a user flow was also prepared to attract guardians to content prepared and planned independently on the mainstream ranking site “goo ranking” as well as the Q&A community site “Teach me! goo.”
The result of this has been a 3 fold increase in average page views in the month immediately following the release of special content on “kids goo” and recently, after two years an almost 10 fold increase, amongst not only children but even guardians.
Kumon has identified providing a space for children and their guardians to enjoy [learning] together, creating a service that uses real time feedback, and the creation of a system that allows teachers and students from classrooms around the world to communicate, as their next steps.
Going forward, we hope to contribute to the development of Kumon who is deploying its brand globally, by providing the latest information on internet and digital content, and intense support based on our knowhow.

Services provided to Kumon Educational Japan

Services provided to Kumon Educational Japan

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