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Actualized acquisition of 240% more new members by using search-linked advertising that binds user trends

Challenge Challenge

Made a vast improvement on drawing more customers with cost-effective promotions

Results Results

  • 240% increase in achieving new members by running ads within games that linked users to a variety of events
  • Improved advertising efficiency by tuning to the needs of the users
  • Increased sales from successful acquisition of paid users

Person in Charge
GameOn Co., Ltd.

transcosmos is absolutely the essential key component to our project.

One of the first things we noticed was that transcosmos's turn-around time for delivering answers to our inquiries has been incredibly fast. In our beginning phase, we could not believe transcosmos did not just correspond to our questions and requests so quickly, but they also treated us with respect and handled our cases with kid gloves. In regards to search-linked advertising, we initially thought that what matters is to win a bidding by simply paying higher price, but transcosmos has taught us that there is a more sensible way. From our first meeting of the month until the month-end report, we have received many valuable proposals that stay within our budget. For instance, we could have used any one of the major ad agencies regarding Internet advertisement, which we have received proposals, but transcosmos has introduced us a different medium which was unknown to us, but it was capable of bringing about the same effectiveness as the other major mediums. This was extremely helpful! Our company is currently operating multiple games under the seven different titles, which generate additional projects for us, and we firmly believe transcosmos could play a perfect role as our partner.

Internet advertisement that is vital to driving revenue for Online Games

GameOn, Inc. (hereafter “GameOn”) is a gaming company that operates online gaming services for PC users. It is showing its solid existence as a leader in Japan’s online gaming industry since its start in 2001, where the company has produced a number of games that were well received and have become bestsellers such as “RED STONE” and “MU Kiseki no Daichi” one after the other, and is still growing steadily to this date.

As for the online games it provides, GameOn uses a unique billing system called “Item Billing system” which is only possible with online games, where users are able to play their games at free of charge for basic play. By offering various items for sale with credit card purchases that users can utilize inside their games, GameOn is steadily increasing its revenues.

What then becomes essential for GameOn's online gaming business is internet promotions that are focused in gaining new members. transcosmos aids their promotion by utilizing search-linked promotional ads and banner ads.

High retention rate users were achieved with the use of precise search-linked advertising

In operating online games, GameOn focuses in hosting events and running campaigns within the games. These will be implemented by running search-linked ads in conjunction with banner ads.

transcosmos has developed these events and campaigns in a much more innovative way. Instead of simply focusing on having GameOn’s ads shown at the top of the list as search results, transcosmos went further to make more sensible fine tuning on the system’s response to keywords that bind the targeted users’ trends, varying the keywords and impressions. Additionally, transcosmos renewed the conventional keyword registration of partial matching, and replaced it with keyword registration based on complete matching, regardless of its astronomical quantity. This has helped eliminate clicks that do not result in new membership and therefore reduce the costs for advertising.

By repeatedly implementing PDCA internally at transcosmos with techniques as detailed as these, transcosmos helped GameOn actualize implementing their highly cost-effective promotion. Compare to the previous stats prior to transcosmos’s help, the number of new members acquisition with the use of search-linked advertising went up 240%. The real beneficial point of getting these new members based on search-linked advertising, however, is the fact that the new members have high-retention rate; thus, has contributed to increasing sales volume even more.

Making advertising strategies for promotions via Internet as a significant revenue source

Prior to having transcosmos handle their needs, GameOn was operating their search-linked advertising from a different firm, and were struggling because the results were dismal.

Because of this bitter experience, GameOn has decided to discuss their Internet promotion with transcosmos, who had made a proposal previously, to come up with a new strategy.

By outsourcing the Internet promotion responsibilities to transcosmos, GameOn has successfully been able to actualize a highly cost-effective internet promotion as a result. In addition, new users acquired through search-linked advertising, have a higher expending rate, in which this internet promotion strategies has now become a very important revenue pipe for the Online Gaming Division of GameOn.

transcosmos will further dedicate in helping clients with their internet promotions by its Internet advertising service menu, which is based on its business know-how, and past records of success.

Services provided to GameOn

Services provided to GameOn

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