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Contributed to the strategic deployment of the mail marketing program, through use of “ClickM@iler™” a communication tool for communicating with customers across the country, and a one stop source for mailing list transmission, management, and analytics.

Challenge Challenge

Introduction of an email system geared towards promoting the use of an eCommerce site.

Results Results

  • Delivery of the "One to One" email magazine using “ClickM@iler™”
  • Deployment of strategic mail marketing using real time analytics
  • Expansion of sales nearly 7 fold through eCommerce site

ASKUL Corporation  Takahiro Kaneko

Mr. Takahiro Kaneko
General Manager
e-Commerce Management
e-Platform Commerce Division
ASKUL Corporation

ASKUL Corporation  Kenji Ishizuka

Mr. Kenji Ishizuka
e-Commerce Management
e-Platform Commerce Division
ASKUL Corporation

The contribution of “ClickM@iler” has been recognized as a factor for sales expansion via the email magazine

It has been seven years since we first started using “ClickM@iler” and our main reason for continued use is its high quality analytics.
“ClickM@iler” differs from basic email systems that just send and manage, in that you can see real time details and delivery results on the management screen. Because we don’t have to spend time implementing a separate analytics tool, we can focus on content planning optimization of segment settings and the progress and improvement of our eCommerce site.
We definitely want to use this actively as one of our communication tools with clients moving forward in the hope of achieving an expansion in sales.

The reason for implementation was high quality analytics

ASKUL Corporation (hereinafter, Askul) is an office supply retailer of the largest scale that is highly regarded nationwide by businesses because of its commitment to deliver a rich assortment of over 360,000 items (as of December 2012) that meet the needs of the market, by “today or tomorrow.”
Askul, which puts forth “Evolving for our customers” as its corporate policy, in addition to its catalog business since inception, also beat out the competition by launching an internet order system in 1997. In order for it to begin sending out an “email magazine” to promote use of its eCommerce site, Askul needed an email delivery system that could work with an outside system and be easy to setup.
transcosmos, which was able to anticipate Askul’s needs, proposed the SaaS tool “ClickM@iler” which seemed suited to Askul’s request. Askul decided on implementation due to the high quality analytics that separate “ClickM@iler” from the competition.

Click M@iler’s firm support of mail marketing PDCA

Whether or not the contents of an email magazine can be tailored to the individual interests and particularities holds the key to successful email marketing.
When it comes to distribution of their email magazine, Askul, in addition to the basic features such as mail template management, email generation, and mail address management, uses the segment setting feature which allows the mailing list to be filtered through the use of various tags. Further, by using a recommend engine, customer action on the eCommerce site can scrutinized in detail and used to send a One to One email magazine full of products optimized for individual users.
After sending the email magazine, open rates, click rates, conversion rates, sales volume by product and other such analytics can be confirmed real time using the ClickM@iler management screen. Strategic mail marketing is being deployed by taking these send results and using them to optimize segments settings and email magazine content.
Also, Askul runs ClickM@iler side by side with the eCommerce site to send “Purchase Confirmations”, “Thank you” and other various transaction emails. Customer emails that result in an error are quickly shared with Askul's call center, to ensure that a service which “guarantees delivery times” is able to respond quickly.

transcosmos gives broad support to Askul’s business expansion

Askul identifies global changes that much faster, and is always seeking to provide the most advanced services. Sales via the eCommerce site are growing to nearly 70% of total sales, and the importance of eCommerce strategy is becoming greater and greater.
transcosmos will continue to support Askul’s business expansion by actively proposing and offering solutions that match Askul’s needs from a wide menu of services such as internet advertising, web development and operation, call center services amongst others, in addition to the secure operation of ClickM@iler.

Services provided to ASKUL

Services provided to ASKUL

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