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All Nippon Airways

Utilizing a wealth of experience and know-how to develop Android applications for improving user-friendliness and promoting sales.

Challenge Challenge

Improvement of customer satisfaction and brand strengthening through the development of an Android application

Results Results

  • Android Application development in a short period of time
  • Delivering know-how and learned best practices from experience with abundant development
  • Support for service developments by multiple devices

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Mr. Noboru Yamamoto

Mr. Noboru Yamamoto
Customer Team Leader
Sales Systems
Consumer Sales and Marketing
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Mr. Yoshinobu Maeda

Mr. Yoshinobu Maeda
WEB Sales – WEB Planning Team Chief
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

Time was limited, but we were reassured by the excellent progress and management.

With Android phones quickly capturing a large share of the market, and given their fantastic potential for linking people to ANA’s Tabidachi Space, SKiP, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, providing services for the Android platform was essential. It was a tight schedule since we wanted to release the application in conjunction with the launching of the new device, but transcosmos had a great track record of developing smart phone applications so we trusted them. Offering numerous practical solutions that could never have been found were it not for their development experience and know-how, transcosmos came up with a high-quality application that satisfied us. With complete command of the issues, they were able to clarify everyone’s responsibilities and find the appropriate solutions, making them not simply developers, but close partners. We look forward to transcosmos’ continued support in providing innovative proposals and ideas that utilize various devices.

Expanding services to enhance user-ties.

In order to promote travel packages and airline ticket sales, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd (hereinafter abbreviated as ANA) developed iPhone-compatible, as well as PC- and other mobile phone-compatible, applications for its “Tabidachi Space” web site, an online forum that allows Tabidachi members and flight attendants to provide word-of-mouth travel information.

ANA also made plans to develop an Android-compatible “Tabidachi Space” application in conjunction with the launch of the new Osaifu-ketai (“Wallet-Mobile”)/FeliCa※1-compatible Android device that was announced in the winter of 2010. The application was to be an essential part of ANA’s strategy to reach out to customers in new ways, allowing ANA to enhance its corporate image and provide convenient services such as SKiP※2 through its “Tabidachi Space” site over Android phones, which were expected to rapidly gain in popularity.

Because the application needed to be developed in a short, approximate 3-month period in order to be ready in time for the release of the new Android device, and because the project required high-level project-management capabilities, ANA turned to transcosmos with its proven track record of developing smartphone applications.

*1 Osaifu-ketai (“Wallet-Mobile”)/FeliCa is an NTT DoCoMo, Inc. cellphone with a built-in Sony Corporation FeliCa contactless IC smart-card.
*2 SKiP is an e-ticket ticketless boarding pass that uses Sony Corporation’s FeliCa contactless IC smart-card and/or QR code.

Developing on a tight schedule and providing added functionality.

In order to develop Android applications developers must deal quickly and accurately with Android OS updates, which are released at shorter intervals than those for iPhone’s OS, and with the new devices being released by domestic and overseas cellphone manufactures and by mobile network operators. Thus, the essential set of problem-solving, information-gathering, and analytic capabilities necessary for developing Android applications differs from those needed for developing iPhone applications. Working in close conjunction with ANA and its group companies while engaging in a process of repeated trial and error, it was important, given the limited amount of development time, to keep the project moving forward smoothly by organizing each task and clarifying all work and improvements.

While the main idea was to port iPhone applications to Android, ANA also wanted to provide added-value to users by incorporating the highly-flexible Android’s unique functionality and characteristics. This resulted in the creation of unique features, including functions for changing wallpaper and for landscape viewing. Many of the cutting-edge ideas that took shape were incorporated back into the iPhone.

Application downloads exceed initial 200% forecast. Setting sights on the global market.

In the two months since its release, the number of application downloads and ticket reservations have exceeded the 200% target and are continuing to increase. In addition, by providing practical services such as Android Osaifu-ketai SKiP boarding, travel information, and airplane ticket reservations through multi-devices in partnership with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, as well as through other applications and via its website, ANA has been able to approach a broad range of users, including those particularly driven by new information.

Refusing to get complacent, ANA is continuing to develop features that skillfully incorporate the smart phone’s unique characteristics while creating an easy-to-understand UI (user interface) in order to enhance services and improve overall customer satisfaction. The challenge is implementing a strategy for using smart phone applications to strengthen relationships with existing ANA Mileage Club members as well as new users and generate repeat business.

transcosmos is also supporting the development of applications that encompass ANA’s global objectives. transcosmos will continue to draw on its technical capabilities, human resources, and the power of information in its all-out effort to support ANA by providing multi-device enhanced services.

Services provided to All Nippon Airways

Services provided to All Nippon Airways

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