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transcosmos Announce Strategic Investment With “Berrybenka.com”, A Leading Fashion E-Commerce Business In Indonesia

transcosmos inc. has agreed to acquire more than 30% of the outstanding equity interests of PT.BERRYBENKA, a leading fashion E-Commerce company in Indonesia.



transcosmos’ Chinese offshore subsidiary to Establish Its Own Building in Suzhou, China

Suzhou transcosmos Information Creative Co., Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of transcosmos inc., in China’s off-shore development business, has established its own building “transcosmos Outsourcing Center Suzhou” in Suzhou Jiangsu, China.



transcosmos Korea inaugurates the “Cecile Online Shop” E-Commerce site for the Korean market

transcosmos Korea, Inc., a subsidiary of transcosmos inc. which primarily provides call center services in South Korea, will open the “Cecile Online Shop” E-Commerce site for the “Cecile” mail order brand in the Korean market on September 6 in cooperation with Dinos Cecile Co., Ltd.



transcosmos Tie-up a Business and Capital Partnership with FineEX, China’s major E-Commerce Fulfillment and Logistics Company

transcosmos inc. has acquired 20% of the shares through third-party allotment and has agreed to form a business and capital partnership with FineEX - Shanghai Heze Logistics Co., Ltd. as an equity- method affiliate.



transcosmos To Launch Call Center Business In Indonesia

transcosmos inc. is to launch a joint venture company, PT. transcosmos Indonesia with PT Cyberindo Aditama, an IT company under the umbrella of a major Indonesian conglomerate Salim Group.



transcosmos inc. Enters Into A Strategic And Equity Partnership With A Major US End-To-End eCommerce Outsourcing Provider, PFSweb

transcosmos inc. has agreed to enter into a strategic and equity partnership in eCommerce outsourcing with PFSweb, Inc., a leading US end-to-end eCommerce outsourcing services provider.



transcosmos Group Ranks Third in China’s “BPO TOP 20”

transcosmos inc. has been ranked third in “BPO TOP20” which selects excellent companies among those in BPO business in China for the year of 2012.



transcosmos Korea Participates in Charitable Activities

transcosmos Korea, Inc., subsidiary of transcosmos inc. made the following charitable contributions during the year of 2012 (January through December 2012).



transcosmos Korea Acquires a Call Center Subsidiary of Interpark, a Major South Korean Internet Shopping Company

transcosmos Korea, Inc., a subsidiary of transcosmos inc. which mostly offers call center services in South Korea, has acquired Interpark CS, Inc., a subsidiary of Interpark INT, a major South Korean internet shopping company.

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