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transcosmos releases a VoC marketing solution that enhances usability and boosts CX

Based on voice of the user, defines a VoC coverage as an indicator for enhancing website, digital marketing initiatives, and products to help businesses deliver a greater CX to their customers

November 16, 2022

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Koichi Iwami, Masaaki Muta) is proud to announce that the company has released a VoC marketing solution that helps clients solve their marketing-related challenges. The VoC marketing solution offers a scheme that centrally manages diverse VoC (Voice of the Customer) accumulated via user touchpoints across channels such as social media, and call and chat services operated at contact centers. Converting the accumulated VoC into tactics, transcosmos customer experience (CX) analysts suggest the right solution for clients to solve their marketing challenges.

Today, companies of all industries are carrying out various initiatives to boost CX such as website analysis, questionnaires, and advertising, and trying to come up with plans for improvement based on action logs captured from such initiatives. Yet, the action logs only tell businesses the behaviors of users who have taken action, which means they cannot execute initiatives that address invisible challenges. With the aim of solving such challenges, transcosmos has been helping many businesses increase usability of their official websites, and enhance their digital marketing initiatives by making them utilize VoC captured via call and social operations through TCI-DX solutions, transcosmos’s unique solutions that drive businesses in achieving their digital transformation (DX).

Now, transcosmos has defined that businesses must take initiatives that cover 90% or higher VoC to deliver industry-leading CX. The company has made the definition based on its proven record in VoC-powered initiatives, and expertise in managing a range of contact centers and digital marketing services, while taking into consideration the contribution that VoC initiatives make in boosting CX. Using the ratio as a key performance indicator (KPI), transcosmos will integrate various VoC data captured at each channel, analyze the integrated data, put the findings into tasks, and finally offer clients the VoC marketing solution, a new method for enhancing CX, working together with its operations team.

VoC Marketing Solution Overview
VoC Marketing Solution Overview

To make the most of the VoC marketing solution, it is critical to constantly increase the value of voice of the users by elevating the quality of VoC data. In order to achieve this goal, transcosmos builds and offers a VoC marketing loop, an operational flow that enables businesses to create a cycle of collecting VoC data based on hypotheses, conducting strategic analysis, executing tasks, and making improvements.

VoC marketing operational flow
VoC marketing operational flow

Leveraging its unique strengths – its ability to offer services across contact center and digital marketing domains - transcosmos will continue to help clients solve a range of challenges by making meaningful proposals and offering operational services for each individual client.

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