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transcosmos Reaches Basic Agreement with Indonesia’s Salim Group in Regards to Establishing a Joint Venture Company to Undertake Call Center Business

Transcosmos Indonesia to be Founded in Spring 2013 to Aim at Accelerating ASEAN Business Development

November 26, 2012

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda; TSE First Section: 9715; hereafter, transcosmos) has reached a basic agreement with Indonesia’s Salim Group’s IT company PT Cyberindo Aditama (Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia; President/CEO: Dani Sumarsono, hereinafter, CBN) to establish a joint venture company to run call center business in Indonesia and held a signing ceremony on November 22. They are scheduled to establish PT. transcosmos Indonesia in spring 2013.

Salim Group owns a group of companies such as First Pacific Company Ltd, PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, Indofood Agri Resources Ltd, PT. Indomobil Sukses International Tbk and other listed companies in Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines across a wide range of industries. CBN is an IT core company under Salim Group which runs ISP(Internet Service Provider)business in the domestic Indonesian market.

transcosmos, starting with its expansion into the U.S. market in 1988, has been working on overseas expansion of its business services. As for the call center services in the local markets, transcosmos expanded its services into South Korea in Year 2000 and into China in 2006, and in more recent years into the western regions. In the future, business development in the ever-growing Asian market will become essential for corporate growth, and especially in ASEAN, its corporate clients’ needs are expected to rise. With such background, the decision has been made to establish a call center in Indonesia.

In the Indonesian market, due to the increase in the middle-class, purchasing power and consumption demands have been on the rise, and increased consumption is expected to activate the economy even further. (*) In such an economic environment, transcosmos has speculated that, along with the accelerating needs for call centers in Indonesia, the demands for high quality would grow as well. That led to the basic agreement to establish a joint company with CBN, in an attempt to utilize transcosmos’ quality control and operations know-how gained from its experience from providing services in Japan, China, and South Korea. transcosmos hopes to apply its know-how in increasing sales to corporate clients such as operations, human resources development, and call centers and also cost-reduction solutions, and CBN would offer its infrastructure technology and business experience and its know-how in the local market, and the two company together aim at launching operations in the spring of 2013. (Resource: “Changes and Challenges Surrounding New Overseas Markets” published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Outline of the joint venture company

Company Name:
PT. transcosmos Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Date Founded:
May 2013 (scheduled)
transcosmos 50%, CBN 50%
Number of Workstations:
Business Description:
Call center business

Mr. Benny Santoso, Executive Director, from Salim Group has commented regarding the new joint venture company as the following:
“Indonesia has a young population with rising incomes and spending power, and is to become the seventh-largest economy in the world in the next two decades. This provides a great opportunity for CBN and Transcosmos to establish a joint venture contact center company in Indonesia as the demand for high quality services are growing rapidly in line with the fast growing economy of the country.
We are very excited to have transcosmos as our partner in this venture as we believe transcosmos has the experience and operational know-how in this business in developed countries for many years.”

The signing ceremony held on November 22, 2012

The signing ceremony
The signing ceremony

From left、PT Cyberindo Aditama President/CEO Dani Sumarsono, Salim Group Executive Director Benny Santoso, transcosmos inc. Founder & Group CEO Koki Okuda, President & COO Masataka Okuda

Transcosmos Indonesia will provide support to those Japanese corporations entering the Indonesian market and to the local Indonesian corporations as well. In the future, Transcosmos Indonesia hopes to expand its services to offer social media support, digital marketing services such as Internet advertising and website production and management, and EC full-support in order to help our corporate clients increase their sales and reduce their costs.

Outline of PT Cyberindo Aditama

Company Name:
PT Cyberindo Aditama
Jakarta, Indonesia
Dani Sumarsono, President/CEO
Business Description:
ISP Business
Date Founded:
April 26, 1995

About PT Cyberindo Aditama

PT. Cyberindo Aditama, or commonly known as CBN is one of Indonesia’s first pioneer and leader in the world of IT and data communication, established 17 years ago. The company started its business as an Internet Service Provider, and aggressively expanded its network to provide a full range of services over enterprise and individual market. Over the years CBN continues to innovate and follow the development of IT world in Indonesia through ongoing improvements and expansion. At the moment, CBN customers span from major businesses in media industry, banking, e-commerce, automotive, telecommunication operators, retails, mining, energy, property and many more. Other than Internet access, CBN services consist of Data Communication, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Web Hosting, VoIP, Managed Services as well as web design and its content. Today, CBN is developing a Digital Ecosystem where the customers can obtain upstream and downstream Digital services in a single, integrated service. (http://www.cbn.net.id/)

Related Services

* transcosmos is a registered trade name or trademark of transcosmos inc. in Japan and other countries.
* Other company names and product or service names mentioned are registered trade names or trademarks of various other companies.

About transcosmos inc.

transcosmos launched operations in 1966. Since then it has combined superior “human resources” with the most up-to-date “technological” capabilities to enhance the competitive strength of its corporate clients by providing them with high value added and superior services. It provides overall IT outsourcing services such as Call Center Services, Business Process Outsourcing Services, and Digital Marketing Services either as standalone solution or as combined services to its corporate clients to optimize their marketing efficiencies, to expand sales and gain new customers in EC business, and to reduce clients operational cost. Further, these services have been expanded beyond Japan, globally, centered in Asia. transcosmos aims to be the “Global IT Partner” of its corporate clients to provide them with high quality outsourcing services on a global scale.

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