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transcosmos releases a packaged service combining a COVID-19 vaccination booking system and “DEC Bot for Government,” its online chat bot service for filling out pre-vaccination screening form

Helps citizens book a vaccination and fill out the form online with chatbot support, thereby contributing to municipal governments in easing congestion at their group vaccination sites

May 27, 2021

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) hereby announces that the company has released a packaged service that combines a COVID-19 vaccine booking system for receiving a COVID-19 vaccination run by municipal governments across Japan, and “DEC Bot for Government,” its chatbot services that enable citizens to fill out pre-vaccination screening questionnaire online instead of filling the form out at the vaccination sites.

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Given that citizens need to fill out the pre-vaccination screening form manually at the group vaccination sites set up for the general public, the sites are expected to be packed with people who make errors in filling out the form, and those who need assistance to fill out the form correctly. This will likely cause an additional concern, a work overload for municipal officials. An increasing number of municipalities are deploying an online booking system that allows their citizens to reserve a COVID-19 vaccination from their websites. In addition to a booking system, transcosmos’s new service package comes with DEC Bot for Government that enables municipal governments to not only make their citizens book online, but also fill out the screening form before they visit the vaccination sites. The service is equipped with data input control and check features that prevent entry errors and blank fields, regular mistakes that tend to happen with the manual process. All citizens need do at the group vaccination sites is print out the form using the QR code they receive when they complete their online form. With those features, the packaged service helps municipal governments avoid the 3Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings) at their vaccination sites, and cut back on staff workload.

■ Booking system + DEC Bot for Government packaged service overview

  1. 1. Citizens will receive a COVID-19 vaccination coupon from their municipal office.
  2. 2. Visit website and book the date for a vaccination online. They will receive a reservation confirmation notice to the mobile number they have entered online.
  3. 3. Tap the URL presented on the confirmation, and access “DEC Bot for Government” where they can complete a pre-vaccination screening form prior to the vaccination date.
  4. 4. Enter all required fields on the “DEC Bot for Government,” and they will receive a QR code.
  5. 5. Citizens visit the sites with their QR code, and print out the form at the sites on the date of vaccination.

Since the booking system powered by Salesforce and “DEC Bot for Government,” transcosmos proprietary system are connected, the packaged service enables municipalities to implement and launch the service in a short span of time. What’s more, municipalities can make their citizens who have booked their vaccination by phone calls fill out their pre-vaccination screening questionnaire online by setting up a link that directly jumps to “DEC Bot for Government” from their website. Please note that all the data used for this service will be stored and managed in Japan.

transcosmos will continue to provide municipal governments across Japan with comprehensive services including the implementation of a chatbot platform, thereby helping them serve their citizens’ inquiries without stress. Ultimately, transcosmos helps all Japanese municipalities achieve digital transformation of their contact centers with the best framework at the optimum costs.

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