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transcosmos Opens Off-shore Service Centers for Website Construction and Development in Vietnam and Indonesia

transcosmos Enhances Multi-Lingual Website Support and Low-Cost Operations that Maintain Speed and Quality for the Global Expansion of Businesses

October 8, 2014

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda; TSE First Section: 9715; hereafter, transcosmos) has opened off-shore service centers and has started providing services for website construction and development in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Until now, transcosmos has been carrying out low-cost operations that guarantee the acquisition of production and development personnel in addition to operation speed and quality by focusing mainly on near-shore service centers in Sapporo, Fukuoka and Okinawa. However, by now establishing centers for website production and development in Vietnam and Indonesia, where mass recruitment of low-cost human resources with high IT literacy is possible, the provision of services including construction and operation of multi-lingual global websites will be enhanced.

With the Shibuya headquarters and domestic near-shore service centers in charge of operations such as business design, basic design and quality control, while having functions including CMS operations, programming, creative mass production, transferring of data and operation verification carried out at off-shore service centers, it will be possible to achieve low-cost operations that guarantee the speed and quality of production and development. Moreover, in addition to Japanese and English, support in other languages will also be gradually introduced.

As regards to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) will start providing services with a 30 person organization focused on operations such as E-Commerce website construction and smartphone application development based on the “transcosmos eCommerce HUB,” which is the integrated E-Commerce platform of transcosmos. Plans call for expansion to a 250 person organization in 2016.

Relating to Indonesia (Jakarta), PT. transcosmos Indonesia (Headquarters: Jakarta; President Director: Hiroshi Hara), which is a global center, will start with a 50 person organization to provide services such as CMS operations for global websites. Plans call for expansion to a 300 person organization in 2016.

transcosmos’s Service Structure

transcosmos’s Service Structure

transcosmos will also make strong efforts in the future to acquire and develop IT personnel, increasing the total number of employees at the near-shore service centers of Sapporo, Fukuoka and Okinawa to 500 persons in 2016, and in conjunction with the off-shore service centers building a website production and development organization of more than 1,000 persons in order to continue contributing to sales expansion and cost reduction for client companies.

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About transcosmos inc.

transcosmos launched operations in 1966. Since then it has combined superior “human resources” with the most up-to-date “technological” capabilities to enhance the competitive strength of its corporate clients by providing them with high value added and superior services. It provides overall IT outsourcing services such as Contact Center Services, Business Process Outsourcing Services, and Digital Marketing Services either as standalone solution or as combined services to its corporate clients to optimize their marketing efficiencies, to expand sales and gain new customers in E-Commerce business, and to improve operational efficiency and reduce clients operational cost for back office and information system operations. Further, these services have been expanded beyond Japan, globally, centered in Asia.
transcosmos aims to be the “Global IT Partner” of its corporate clients to provide them with high quality outsourcing services on a global scale.

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